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The load imposed on industry, has now reached levels guard. The consequences are disastrous for all to see, in the air we breathe, water we drink, what we eat and the price that the ecosystem of the earth pays, it is still far from being defined.
Agriculture “organic”, proposes reversed introducing revolutionary concepts, but nothing new: it tends in practice to restore production in the agricultural, those elements through which you can observe the biological balance.
The farm organic “Jalari” founded in 1992, Basa its production in accordance with all concepts of a healthy and respectful of its nature.
Post within ParcoMuseo “Jalari” (an area of approximately 35 hectares), with its philosophy of “bioarmonia” is the ideal place for the birth of organic products and sunny that respect the original production cycle and their nature. The cultivation techniques adopted, the result of decades of experience in the field and constant collaboration with agronomists specialize in organic sector are targeted to obtain an exclusive product of its kind. An important role is also played by the irrigation system closed circuit, which means the tubes allows automatic irrigation without intervention, then savings and water.
Precisely for this reason the farm organic “Jalari” is home daily meetings, internships and training courses, also in recent years has been taken into consideration by several regional television broadcasts, national and satellite, such as: Geo & Geo, Environment Italy, Green Line, which Vai Italy, Sat 2000, etc..
The organic farm products “Jalari” are secured by a CE mark (Reg. EC 207/92) and a certification issued by “Soil and Health” (supervisory body in the field of organic farming), which guarantees the ‘origin and emphasizes the genuineness.


Arance Bio navel Newhall - Limone Bio Femminello
Arance Bio navel Newhall – Limone Bio Femminello


The orange farm is a hybrid clone selected by the citrus of Acireale (CT), which brought together progenitors of the best characteristics and production. E ‘of an apirene a blond juice (without seeds), the colors and unique aromas, which lends itself to different uses. This particular orange found in farm crops “Jalari”, his “optimum”. The lemon excellent size and coloration, particularly for the rich juice and the finesse of essential oils, not altered by chemical treatments, it is good for the preparation of limoncello, candies etc..
The high and prolonged resistance of these products, make them particularly suitable to transport and storage. A notable development has been in addition to direct sales, thanks to the promotion via the Internet (on-line), which has allowed a direct sale to the final consumer eliminating the intervention of third parties and allowing receive fresh produce and economically more convenient (es . Kg. oranges 1 of biological € 1.65 including shipping), which is considered one of the best solutions for their marketing.
Important is the role that the company plays in the national territory, in fact for several years “Jalari” is in close collaboration with the Association “Immutate Identity.”
Currently partners “Identity Immutate” The Province of Massa-Carrara (lead), in the Marche Fermano, the north-west of Salento (Lecce); lands Alcamo (Trapani), ParcoMuseo “Jalari” in Barcelona PG (ME); the mountain communities of Sorrento Peninsula and the Amalfi Coast (Salerno); producers of the mountain South gathered in Ater Consortium (Abruzzo and other regions); Sala Baganza of Parma; Terre dei Forti Valpolicella and the Veneto; Commonwealth of Savigliano (Cuneo). Protagonists, the myth of Italian products, such as Lamb of Zeri, oil Trapani, sfusato amalfitano, macaroni and wines of ancient Campofilone



The production within the Agricultural Biological “Jalari” Salvatore Pietrini, in the case closer rigour of Organic Agriculture.
The sun, water, patient work of farmers, who skillfully handled every step of cultivation revived in the memory of the “Land of the Sun”, giving the products, perfumes, aromas and flavors now forgotten.

Is the trio that summarizes the thinking of the Agricultural Biological “Jalari. The quality GOOD, CLEAN & JUST is a commitment to a better future.

The organoleptic GOOD goodness, is the result of the competence of those who produce, the choice of raw materials and production methods that do not adversely affect productivity;

CLEAN Environment must be respected and farming practices, processing and marketing must protect ecosystems and biodiversity, protecting the health of the producer and consumer;

RIGHT Social justice should be pursued through the creation of working conditions respectful of man and his rights and generate adequate gratification.

Soil and Health is a body control and certification in food industry and the environment. And ‘recognized by the Ministry of agricultural policies as a body control and certification for organic farming (reg. n.2092/91 EC).

ParcoMuseo Jalari – Town Maloto – 98051 Barcelona PG (ME)
Secretary: Tel 3927912211


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